We’re pleased to provide this market update regarding further progress and developments since the previous company update released on the 20th February 2019.

Healthcare business

Healthcare business JCT Healthcare (“JCT”), Xped’s 100% owned subsidiary, is a provider ofinnovative technology solutions for the Healthcare sector. JCT Healthcare develops and distributes its own range of nurse call hardware and software solutions for use across multiple healthcare sectors including hospitals, aged care, disability care and supported Independent Living.

JCT had a stand at the recent Australian Healthcare Week in Sydney, March 2019. JCT showcased our NuCaMSTM software as well as our Nurse Call hardware series, and our Independent Living Smart Home Solution. With over 5000 attendees to the event it was a very busy event. We received good interest from visitors to our stand and are actively pursuing sales opportunities arisen from this event.

JCT was recently successful in a tender worth $270,000 for an aged care facility currently being constructed in NSW. This facility will be utilising our flagship fully IP PoE4000 range of Nurse Call hardware integrated with JCT’s NuCaMSTM software. JCT’s Dementia Care solution is also part of these works.

JCT revenues year to date for FY19 have increased over FY18, and JCT continues to forecast FY19 to have increased revenues when compared with FY18 at financial year end.

Smart home project

The final tranche of functionality required to complete the Xped smart home system satisfying Telekom Malaysia’s Phase-1 requirements was demonstrated in early March. The demonstration was presented to the new smart home team that replaced the original team in late 2018 and was well received. As a result, Xped was invited to respond to an RFQ for a project to provide smart home systems for 1,347 homes being built in Anjung Gapam in Melaka. If selected, Xped will work with its Malaysian partner Eastool to supply and install the systems.

Smart building project

Two new devices have been developed for building automation: 0-10 Volt and 4-20 milliamp actuators that enable direct control of vent dampers in building HVAC systems. When combined with temperature sensors, these will allow individual vents to be controlled enabling highly targeted zone control in large office spaces. A tachometer sensor has been developed that provides general purpose pulse counting useful for industrial applications and will initially be deployed as part of the Singapore lift monitoring project.

Heuresy PST project

Development of the Heuresy Physical Security Token (PST) development boards is coming to an end with 5 completed units scheduled to be shipped to Heuresy in the US in early May. Work on transitioning from the development board to the final dongle format has begun.

Legacy issues

Xped has appointed Indonesian legal firm Christian Teo & Partners to find out what is causing the delay in the Sokoria project achieving NOID. As previously mentioned, once NOID is achieved a US $900,000 payment is due to Xped.

Business development

Xped responded to an EOI put out by the Malaysian state of Selangor for their Smart Selangor initiative. Selangor is looking for technology partners to work on projects to make Selangor a smart state and to become the smartest state in ASEAN by 2025. The Smart Selangor Initiate covers 12 domains of activity to which Xped submitted responses for three which were Smart Health (assisted home living), Smart Building (occupant wellbeing and office efficiency) and Smart Safety and Security (home safety and gated communities).

Telekom Malaysia has been undergoing a significant internal restructure since the new government came to power last year and appointed a new CEO. This restructure has affected many contracts and caused extended delays. Discussions involving the master services agreement have been affected and no update on progress is available.

The Xped smart building system was demonstrated to the Telekom Malaysia smart building team. Telekom Malaysia are planning to offer building management services to Government Linked Companies (GLC) and large corporate customers.

Eastool have committed to fitting their medical products manufacturing facility in Johor with the latest smart building technologies available from Xped. A tour of the factory was undertaken and the design of a suitable system is currently underway. It is expected that the system will be installed and commissioned in June.

The Xped smart home system was demonstrated to a Malaysian property developer and negotiations are underway to install smart home systems into their display village in Johor.


Development of a new product-based website for Xped and a complete set of brochures for the smart building products is coming to a close. It is expected that the new website will be launched in May.

Xped founders John Schultz and Chris wood travelled to Malaysia in early March and met with the management team of Eastool Industries Sdn Bhd to discuss a manufacturing agreement under which the Xped commercial gateway and many of its smart building products will be made. In addition, discussions around establishing a joint venture with Eastool Solution Sdn Bhd covering the distribution and in-country support of Xped’s smart home and smart building products have begun and are on-going.

Chris Wood
Executive Director