DiscoverBus™ Wired 5A x 3 Relay Actuator

A relay switching device using three mains rated, ultra-low power latching relays for general purpose switching.

DiscoverBus™ Wired 5A x 3 Relay Actuator

About the product:

One of the most common elements in in electrical systems is the relay. Conventional relays consume continuous current when switched on, however this product uses latching relays that draw no current once switched. However one of the common shortfalls of latching relays is the lack of feedback of the switched state. This device includes smart controls and smart switch state feedback circuitry that confirms the switched state of each relay; providing the benefits of conventional relays without the power consumption. Three independently controllable relays are suitable for switching lighting circuits, actuating blind controllers, thermostats, electronic door locks, roller doors, etc. Utilising ultra-low power latching relays is not only good for the environment, it enables systems to be designed using lower capacity power supplies, such as small solar or battery sources.

  • Commercial grade sensor
  • On site operation even without the Internet
  • Remote operation with the Internet
  • Fast install with DiscoverBus™ automatic onboarding to the Hub
  • Nickname support
  • Tap using NFC phone to instantly jump to the control screen
  • Automatic disconnect detect
  • LED flash locate function
  • Wired order determination
  • Configurable heartbeat for periodic data
  • Bus voltage status checks and alerts
  • Ultra-low power latching relays
  • Relay switch state feedback
Supply DiscoverBus-S (5.0 V)
Onboarding Automatic on plug in
Data Transport DiscoverBus-S
Operating Range (-10 to 70) °C
Contact Arrangement 3 relays, each 1 Form A, SPST
Rated Contact Voltage 250 VAC
Rated Contact Current 5 A
Breaking Capacity 1250 VA max
Consumption - Sleep 1 mA typical @ 25 °C
Consumption - Run 9 mA typical @ 25 °C
Dimensions (61 x 48 x 32) mm (including standard bracket)
Region Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA
Model Number DB-RLY-350SSN

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