DiscoverBus™ Wired Battery String Voltage & NTC Temperature Sensor

A lead acid battery monitor for measuring voltage and temperature of a single battery in a battery backup string.

DiscoverBus™ Wired Battery String Voltage & NTC Temperature Sensor

About the product:

Backup battery strings are commonly used in the telecoms industry, in data centres and on remote power generation sites. Lead acid technology is still widespread in this field and maintenance, requiring battery swap out, is an expensive and time consuming procedure. It is beneficial, to reduce the risk of premature failure or explosion of batteries, to monitor the voltage of a battery while it is under load conditions. This sensor is equipped to measure the terminal voltage and case temperature of a single battery, in a string of up to 50 batteries. Lower than normal voltage drop, or elevated case temperature, can occur when a battery is failing. Identifying these failing batteries early can be a basis for a preventative maintenance plan.

  • Commercial grade sensor
  • On site operation even without the Internet
  • Remote operation with the Internet
  • Fast install with DiscoverBus™ automatic onboarding to the Hub
  • Nickname support
  • Tap using NFC phone to instantly jump to the control screen
  • Automatic disconnect detect
  • LED flash locate function
  • Wired order determination
  • High and low alerts
  • Configurable sensing sample rate
  • Configurable heartbeat for periodic data
  • Threshold settings to transmit immediate changes
  • Bus voltage status checks and alerts
  • Ultra-low current drain on the battery being monitored
  • Up to 50 sensors can be connected to a battery string
Supply DiscoverBus-S (5.0 V)
Onboarding Automatic on plug in
Data Transport DiscoverBus-S
Operating Range (-10 to 70) oC
Voltage Range (5.2 to 16.0) V
Voltage Resolution 10 mV
Voltage Accuracy 50 mV
Temperature Range (-40 to 125) oC
Temperature Resolution 0.1 oC
Temperature Accuracy 2 oC
Consumption - Sleep 9 uA typical @ 25 oC
Consumption - Run 9 mA typical @ 25 oC
Dimensions (61 x 48 x 32) mm (including standard bracket)
Region Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA
Model Number DB-BATM-215SSN

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