DiscoverBus™ Wired Temperature NTC Dual Sensor

A general purpose NTC based sensor that measures local ambient air and remote surface temperature.

DiscoverBus™ Wired Temperature NTC Dual Sensor

About the product:

Measuring the ambient, or surrounding air temperature, is a fundamental driving parameter for many systems, including climate or environmental controls. Additionally, measuring surface temperatures can be a basis for controlling parameters used to maintain a system operating within normal limits. This sensor is equipped with an on-board NTC sensor to measuring the local ambient air temperature and can receive a plug-in NTC probe to measure remote air, surface or liquid temperatures. Suitable for monitoring systems within air-conditioning systems, cold water chiller plants, or for monitoring temperatures of heatsinks, computer boards, bearings and other machine elements.

  • Commercial grade sensor
  • On site operation even without the Internet
  • Remote operation with the Internet
  • Fast install with DiscoverBus™ automatic onboarding to the Hub
  • Nickname support
  • Tap using NFC phone to instantly jump to the control screen
  • Automatic disconnect detect
  • LED flash locate function
  • Wired order determination
  • High and low alerts
  • Configurable sensing sample rate
  • Configurable heartbeat for periodic data
  • Threshold settings to transmit immediate changes
  • Bus voltage status checks and alerts
  • Dual temperature sensing
Supply DiscoverBus-S (5.0 V)
Onboarding Automatic on plug in
Data Transport DiscoverBus-S
Operating Range (-10 to 70) °C
Temperature Range (-40 to 125) °C
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±1 °C max (-40 to 125) °C
Consumption - Sleep 9 uA typical @ 25 °C
Consumption - Run 9 mA typical @ 25 °C
Dimensions (61 x 48 x 32) mm (including standard bracket)
Region Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA
Model Number DB-TMP-105SSN

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