DiscoverBus™ Wired Vibration Sensor

A digital 3 axis accelerometer based sensor that measures vibration or shock.

DiscoverBus™ Wired Vibration Sensor

About the product:

This general purpose vibration, or g-sensor, can be used to monitor the operating condition of a product that utilises moving or rotating elements. Problems such as unbalance, or rolling element bearing damage cause the vibration characteristics to change. Measuring the vibration of machinery is an excellent way of monitoring the health of critical plant and equipment. Implementing a predictive maintenance program based on information taken from vibration monitoring can greatly increase the reliability of plant. This digital sensor is factory calibrated, combining low long term drift and low power consumption. Suitable to mount on machinery, bearings, doors, lifts, vehicles, washing machines, or any object, to sense vibration.

  • Commercial grade sensor
  • On site operation even without the Internet
  • Remote operation with the Internet
  • Fast install with DiscoverBus™ automatic onboarding to the Hub
  • Nickname support
  • Tap using NFC phone to instantly jump to the control screen
  • Automatic disconnect detect
  • LED flash locate function
  • Wired order determination
  • High and low alerts
  • Configurable sensing sample rate
  • Configurable heartbeat for periodic data
  • Threshold settings to transmit immediate changes
  • Bus voltage status checks and alerts
  • Factory calibrated digital sensor
Supply DiscoverBus-S (5.0 V)
Onboarding Automatic on plug in
Data Transport DiscoverBus-S
Operating Range (-10 to 70) °C
Vibration Range 3 axis, ±2 g to ±16 g, 25Hz max
Vibration Resolution 16 mg in ±2 g mode
192 mg in ±16 g mode
Consumption - Sleep 15 uA typical @ 25 °C
Consumption - Run 9 mA typical @ 25 °C
Dimensions (61 x 48 x 32) mm (including standard bracket)
Region Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA
Model Number DB-VIB-101FBN

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