DiscoverBus™ Wireless Gateway

This Commercial Gateway manages connecting device networks to the Smartphone and Internet.

DiscoverBus™ Wireless Gateway

About the product:

This Xped Gateway is the centre of the Smart Building Network that makes it possible to automate, monitor and control your environment, locally when unconnected from the Internet, or remotely from anywhere in the world when the Internet is available. It has a wide range of connectivity options making it compatible with many devices and manufacturers, such as an Xped DiscoverBus products, Z-Wave products and a range of supported cameras. Together with the Xped app, you can create rules, such as lighting control with room occupancy, ventilation control linked to air quality, etc. You can also create scenes that enable several devices to be controlled together with the click of a button. One or more gateways can be used to create larger networks, thus ensuring scalability and future proofing your investment.

  • Commercial grade Gateway
  • On site operation even without the Internet
  • Remote operation with the Internet
  • Fast install of DiscoverBus Wireless products with one NFC tap
  • Fast install of DiscoverBus Wired products with one click
  • Nickname support
  • LED status indicator
  • Z-Wave device support
  • BLE support
  • Micro USB powered
  • Connects to Wi-Fi Router with ethernet cable
  • Internal battery backup to provide operation when power is cut
Supply Micro USB (+5 V @ 2.5 A)
Onboarding DiscoverBus Wireless devices: NFC Tap
Other devices: As per manufacturer’s instructions
Data Transport DiscoverBus Wireless SubGHz
Battery Backup Internal, run time 60 min typical
Operating Range During USB or Battery supply: (-10 to 60) °C
During Battery charging: (0 to 45) °C
Consumption - Run 350 mA typical @ 25 °C
Dimensions (100 x 100 x 35) mm (including feet)
Region Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA
Model Number DB-GAT-100BMN

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