Smart Building

Xped specialises in developing Internet of Things technology solutions for consumer, commercial, industrial and healthcare markets.

Today’s IoT solutions require you to use many different apps to interact with the different types and brands of devices. Furthermore, adding these devices to a network, then using and maintaining them, can be confusing as there are many competing technologies and standards. The end result of this is that IoT devices are mostly not interoperable and can be inconvenient to use.

Xped solutions provide significant benefits such as simplifying the addition and maintenance of devices on a secure network and eliminating the need to manage multiple apps for each brand or type of device. As the web browser changed the world by enabling us to interact with many websites, the Xped app is the world’s first device browser app that allows us to interact with many devices, irrespective of type, brand or standard.

The DiscoverBus™
Wireless Sensor Network

This range of products are primarily designed for creating secure indoor wireless networks for smart office, smart building, industrial and commercial applications.

The DiscoverBus™ range of Wireless Sensors and Keyfobs are wirelessly on-boarded to an Xped Gateway using NFC Tap. Whether free standing on a shelf, screw fastened, double-sided taped to a surface, or cable tied to a fixing, this range of wireless sensors are primarily designed for quick installation with no wiring needed.

The process of maintenance has also be carefully considered. Access to the battery is made by removing the sensor from the mount, pressing the back release button and sliding the back cover downward to remove. No tools are required and a battery change can be done in seconds.

The Keyfobs can have a lanyard added for carrying, or fixed to a surface using a wall mount accessory kit; ideal for light switches or garage door controls.

Each wireless device has a built-in antenna that is individually tuned for maximum range. It is typical to achieve operational distances of 50 meters between the sensor and the gateway, through several timber framed walls.

The latest ultra-low power microprocessors and radio transceivers have been selected to provide exceptionally low power consumption, maximising battery life, yet maintaining strong radio performance, increasing installation distances and reliability.


The DiscoverBus™ Wired
Hub and Node Network

This range of products are primarily designed for wired networks for smart office, smart building, industrial and commercial applications. They are suitable for indoor applications such as in-ceiling, behind wall, instrument panel, computer cabinet, or control box installations.

A DiscoverBus™ wired network is controlled by a DiscoverBus-S Hub, which is wirelessly on- boarded to an Xped Gateway using NFC Tap. DiscoverBus-S wired Nodes, such as sensors and actuators, are then onboarded by plugging into the Hub, or daisy chained to the last Node. Automatic disconnect detection and off-boarding is supported when devices are unplugged from the network.

A DiscoverBus-S network can consist of any number of Hub’s paired to a gateway, each with its local wired network of Nodes. Additionally, Wireless Sensors and Keyfobs can be paired with the Gateway forming an expandable hybrid network of wired and wireless sensors; providing the ultimate in network design flexibility.