Smart Home

Xped specialises in developing Internet of Things technology solutions for consumer, commercial, industrial and healthcare markets.

Xped has leveraged this expertise to develop a complete IoT ecosystem for the smart home. We have developed a flexible solution that is adaptable based on region, demographic and price sensitivity. We can package a solution or just provide specific pieces of the solution.

We have an inhouse development team that can provide bespoke solutions and white labelling. We support industry-standard communications technologies as well as our own ADRC communications protocol technology.

Smart Home Gateway

The Smart Home Gateway is the brain that makes it possible to automate, monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world. It has a wide range of connectivity options making it compatible with thousands of devices from hundreds of manufacturers.

Together with the Xped App, you can easily create rules to automate your home. For example, turning on the lights when someone enters a room. You can also create scenes that enable several devices to be controlled together with the click of a button.



Introducing the Xped App

To intelligently control the Smart Home you need a Smart App.

A beautiful user interface combined with advanced programming to provide a great user experience. The Xped App. One simple to use App to connect, control and monitor the Smart Home.