What is the Internet of Things?

The internet of things (IoT) is the concept that describes the idea of everyday physical objects being connected to the internet and being able to identify themselves to other devices.

What is ADRC?

ADRC stands for Auto Discovery Remote Control. It is a new patented technology developed by Xped that allows devices to be discovered automatically when they are onboarded to an IoT network. Traditionally a controller, or remote control, had to know in advance how to control a device before it could operate with it. This knowledge was gained through the devices profile, which had been pre-defined through industry consortiums. So for a manufacturer to build a door lock for example, it needs to conform to the door lock profile. ADRC abolishes the concept of pre-defined and fixed profiles since the controller can now learn how to control the device from the device itself; this is the automatic discovery. By way of analogy, as the web browser can interact with any web site, irrespective of brand or functionality, so too an ADRC enabled device browser can interact with any ADRC enabled device, irrespective of brand or functionality. This revolutionises how devices are designed as their functionality no longer needs to be restricted by pre-define profiles. This provides the flexibility and freedom of design that is required for the IoT of the future. Xped has produced the first range of ADRC enabled devices branded as “DiscoverBus” that work with the world’s first device browser, the Xped app.

What devices can I use with the system (make, model)? Are third party devices supported?

All the ADRC enabled DiscoverBus devices are designed to work with Xped’s solution. Additionally, Xped also allows Users to incorporate a number of pre-validated 3rd party devices into their IoT platform. This expands the range of products such as cameras, door locks and a wide selection of sensors to be added to a Smart home or Smart Building environment. For a full list of approved 3rd party devices, please refer to the products pages.

How do I add devices to an IoT network?

Before you can create or add any devices to an IoT network (called On-Boarding) you need to have the Xped Gateway powered up and connected to a Wi-Fi network. Do this by simply powering the Gateway using the USB plug pack provided and connect the Gateway to the Wi-Fi Router using the network cable.

Then your mobile phone needs to:

  1. Be connected to that Wi-Fi network
  2. Have NFC turned ON.
  3. Have the Xped app downloaded to the phone and running.

To On-Board a DiscoverBus device, simply bring the NFC hotspot of the phone close to the  logo on the device. This NFC tap will allow the Gateway to automatically discover the device, its user interface and add it to the network. The device now appears on the device list in the Xped app and by selecting this the complete user interface and control screens appear ready to use.

For other types of devices, select the Add Device menu item from the Xped app and follow the instructions.

How can I view the status of the devices in my property when I am not at home?

The Xped solution allows Users to view the status of all their devices and receive notification from anywhere, providing that they can connect their mobile device to the Internet (via Wi-Fi, 4G, etc.). It is also necessary to enable Remote Access to their Gateway – this can be achieved via the Settings page on the Xped app, however, the Gateway must be registered in order for Remote Access to be enabled, which can be done when the app first runs.

What is a Scene and how can I create one?

Scenes allow the User to perform a number of simultaneous actions on different devices, either at the touch of a single button, or automatically as the ‘behaviour’ component of a Rule. For example “Watch Movie” Scene can be used to turn on the TV, select the correct AV input and turn off the lights or a “Leave Premise” Scene can be used to turn off all the lights and selected appliances when you leave the home or office.

A Scene can be created by any User with access to the Gateway, via the Xped app.

What is a Rule and how can I create one?

Rules are based on:

  1. the action of a device (i.e. door opening
  2. the time of day/day of week
  3. a specific date and time

Rules allow Users to automate their system and to automatically control devices connected to their Gateway. Rules can be triggered by the change to a setting on a particular device (i.e. when a contact sensor is ‘opened’, when a flood sensor detects water, when a motion sensor detects movement, etc.). These ‘triggers’ can be used to activate another device (i.e. activate a siren, turn on a light, etc.) or play a Scene which will allow multiple devices to be set simultaneously. Rules can also be triggered by the time of day & day of week (i.e. Play a specified Scene at 11:00am every Tuesday and Thursday) or by specific date and time (i.e. Play a Scene at 2:00pm on 25/12/2019). Rules can be created by any User with access to the Gateway, via the Xped app.